The People And The River

The People & The River

About The Taku River Tlingit

The Taku River runs from the interior of British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean, passing through the Alaskan panhandle, just south of Juneau. Our people have lived in the fertile lands around the river for thousands of years. Our ancient Tlingit (meaning “the people”) ancestors gave the Taku River its name. Our forebears have identified themselves with the Taku River and its life-sustaining source, and we still respectfully bear its name.

Our tribal government is the Taku River Tlingit First Nation (TRTFN). The TRTFN is governed in the consensus driven Tlingit Clan System, each member of the TRTFN has an opportunity and an obligation to participate in the decision making process of our people. The TRTFN Wolf and Crow moieties work in concert to protect our territory and help bring opportunity to our people. As is the case with most First Nations (native bands) in Canada, the federal government and the British Columbia provincial government are in the process of negotiating with TRTFN concerning our land question in our Traditional Territory.

Our people primarily live in Atlin, a lovely town on the shores of Atlin Lake in Northern British Columbia, just south of the Yukon Territory on the shores of Atlin Lake. Atlin is about 80 km (50 miles) from the best salmon runs on the Taku River, where we catch our salmon. For thousands of years, our people have walked the unroaded trails from Atlin to the river in the spring, returning in the fall with salmon that has been dried and smoked, for their families to enjoy during the long winter. You can learn more about our people and government at

Through Taku Wild we have found a way to share the gifts of the Taku region with the world, and help us to preserve our home, our land, and our culture.

History on the river

Our wild salmon are sustainably harvested from the icy cold and pristine waters of the Taku River in Northwest Canada. Wild salmon are generally bigger and healthier than farm raised salmon, resulting in a firmer texture which provides a superior flavor.